iSBP Patrol Management System

SBP Guard Patrol system iSBP Guard Patrol system diagram


The SBP Patrol Management System is an integral part of an electronic guard tour system. It works by installing a series of checkpoints each with its own unique identification number along patrol routes, and having patrolling personnel perform clockings/check in’s on the checkpoints as they pass using the hand held baton by briefly press the baton on the checkpoint.

The recorded data is then automatically sent to the cloud server with NO NEED TO DOWNLOAD. Baton data is then available immediately for use in generating reports and viewing. Any computer or device with an Internet connection can access the data. The results are displayed on the screen, where managers are able to review at once the performance data of the patrolling personnel (locations patrolled, timelines, incidences, etc.).




Baton pouch

ID points

ID holders


Adaptor plug


  • How the system WorksIf an event occurs at a checkpoint, then the guard can tag an additional “event” tag which will identify that at a particular time at a specific point the guard found a “Window Broken” or perhaps “Broken Fence” etc.
  • Simple Real time guard monitoring:Guards touch robust ID points using the Magtouch patrol baton. Immediately baton data is sent to our server via the GSM network. At any time from any internet enabled device you can print reports and see how your guards are patrolling.

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