Spike Barrier with options

Spike with robot

DESCRIPTION For dependable access control for all vehicle entry/exit scenarios.

Options include anti-pedestrian curtain and robot/traffic lights and surface or recessed spikes

Uses Designed to cover road widths of up to 7.5 metres where you want to restrict vehicles should they decide to exit without authorisation. Spikes can be specified to face either direct thus customisation of control.


  • Engineering for long term reliability
  • Full recessed removable access door
  • Removable lid for easy access to motor and linkage assembly
  • Adjustable mechanical stops, provide travel control for boom arm
  • Manual operation facility with safety interlock
  • Full electrical isolation and overload protection
  • Robot control and memory for traffic flow (optional)
  • Folding arm kit for restricted height clearance i.e  basement parking, low roofs etc (optional)
  • Further boom arm warning devices e.g. flashing lights and Multi count output signal (optional)
  • Pedestrian curtain to prevent pedestrians from ducking under the barrier/boom arm (Optional)

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