IM-AS 20159 Access Control Server standard

Typical case types we use for our servers DESCRIPTION The access control servers we use are specific to each site's needs, the most common one is the Instruman Access Server P/no IM-AS-20159 which is fitted into a 2U rackmount server case with side rail. This unit is then fitted with an Intel® Xeon® Silver 4114 Processor, 10 core 2.2 Ghz Silver Processor, 3 x 1 TB Seagate drives, dual sockets which is scale-able and has 12 dims, all the connectors, cables  and 64 GB DDR4 ram, all running with Windows server 2019 essentials as the operating ...

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Softcon Systems standard

DESCRIPTION We have found Softcon to be the best solution for us over the years as it has so many features that we have  always been able to offer a full solution to our clients using Softcon from a basic system to the most complex. Softwin_3 Access Control Software packages have been designed to cater for a wide variety of access control requirements ranging from a single door installation to enterprise systems comprising of hundreds of doors. Softcon data is stored on the controllers/software and not on the cardFEATURES There are way to many features to do it justice in this section - please go to the brochures for more detailed information. Base software User friendly but comprehensive card data management facilities Multiple-site management with ...

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Salto Wireless Access Control Sytem standard

DESCRIPTION Salto is a full access control system where the DATA is stored on the card and updates the system/reader every-time the card is used. Whether you have a few doors, up to 64 000 doors, or a few users, up to 4 000 000 users, Pro Access is the software you need to increase the security, control and productivity of your access control system. SALTO ProAccess SPACE Software is a powerful access control management tool that enables you to programme access-time zones for each user, manage different calendars and obtain audit trails from each door to see who has passed through it. The software includes special functions such as automatic door status changes, anti-passback and relay management.FEATURES SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) - Wire-free networked access control SALTO Wireless - Access ...

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