Gate Remote – Sherlotronics standard

DESCRIPTION These remotes can be used for Gate & Garage Door Access Control Panic Activations Arming / Disarming Alarm systems Switching On / Off lights Switching On / Off Generators We also stock the matching receiversFEATURES Code-Hopping Encryption Unique TX Clip Antenna design increases operating range by 50% Crystal controller +/- 100KHz 12V Alkaline battery: GP23AE Typically 2 years battery life or 20,000 activations LED flashes when the battery is low Monoprene Rubber-like buttons are easy to press and click positively  For more information please contact ...

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12V DC 3.2 Amp Power Supply standard

DESCRIPTION Our Intelligent 12 volt power supply / battery charger unit is designed to meet with international safety and certification standards. The unit has under and over voltage protection and is double fuse-protected. A truly Great New Product for all your 12V battery backup systems with adjustable voltage outputs of between 12 to 14 volts which are ideal for longer cable runs.FEATURES Dimensions:(lxbxh) : 200 x 180 x 80mm Gross Weight : 0.895Kg Operating Temp : -3°C to 65°C Input Voltage Range 110V ~ 230V AC 50Hz Output Voltage 13V ~ 14.4V Adjustable Max Current output 3.2A DC @ 14V Relay contact rating 10A AC Fail output rating 140mA Positive switching Warranty : 12 Months Contact us for more ...

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Wireless Recievers standard

DESCRIPTION These Receivers are designed to fit into small spaces and are value for money. They are available in 150m or 500m range and the receivers can be set to trigger a relay contact for 1 Second, 3 Seconds, 1 minute or 3 minutes. The units also have a latching and ON-OFF functionality. They come in have 1,2 or 3 channel options These units are ideal for the following applications: Gate & Garage Door Access Control Panic Activation's (in alarm panels) Arming / Disarming Alarm systems Switching On / Off lights Switching On / Off Generators We also stock  key-ring remote transmitters for these unitsFEATURES Code-Hopping Encryption Latch or Momentary  Selectable Momentary times: 1 Sec; 3Sec; 1min; 3min Buzzer tone Crystal Controlled +/- 100KHz Frequencies: 403MHz / 433MHz 12 - 24V AC/DC input Range : 100m -500 m (Open air and ...

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Prox Cards standard

DESCRIPTION Proximity cards and tags, or otherwise known as prox cards are extremely common and used in various applications in Access control and Time & Attendance. they come in various bit (27,32 etc) formats and frequencies (125Khz). The cards can be programmed to suit your specific reader. They can also come in various formats such as tags and long range units are used in cars to open booms when approaching them without having to do anything. These long range units are more commonly used in drive through toll roads.   FEATURES 26 bit (H10301) format, 37 bit (H10302) format, 35 bit Corporate 1000 format cards Slim line Long Range standard sizes (credit card) Contact us for a quote or more ...

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Dallas Tags and Accessories standard

DESCRIPTION The Dallas or i-touch buttons/tags are available in a key fob or card holder in multi colours and can work on any Dallas tag reader as used in applications for Access control, Time & Attendance, fuel dispensing, petrol bowsers etc. They are also sometimes referred to as magnetic readers although there is nothing magnetic about them nor does any magnetism interfere with the data in the unit. ADVANTAGES The advantages of using the touch buttons are that there are no possible duplication of entries as used in prox card applications as there is no doubt about who "tagged" the reader. They are also extremely robust, we've seen them washed, ridden over (by a dump truck :o), dropped from heights and although the housing may ...

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Lanyards standard

DESCRIPTION Lanyards are handy to keep your access control card or ID photo easily available and very visibleFEATURES Truly customisable: Lanyards come in various colours as well as combinations of colours The clips can be made according to your requirements, ie clip, crocodile clip, string, quick clip etc (refer photo for samples) They can be made in different widths and material Your company logo can be printed on them Ideal for in-house use or as give ...

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