12V DC 3.2 Amp Power Supply standard

DESCRIPTION Our Intelligent 12 volt power supply / battery charger unit is designed to meet with international safety and certification standards. The unit has under and over voltage protection and is double fuse-protected. A truly Great New Product for all your 12V battery backup systems with adjustable voltage outputs of between 12 to 14 volts which are ideal for longer cable runs.FEATURES Dimensions:(lxbxh) : 200 x 180 x 80mm Gross Weight : 0.895Kg Operating Temp : -3°C to 65°C Input Voltage Range 110V ~ 230V AC 50Hz Output Voltage 13V ~ 14.4V Adjustable Max Current output 3.2A DC @ 14V Relay contact rating 10A AC Fail output rating 140mA Positive switching Warranty : 12 Months Contact us for more ...

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