Fisheye camera standard

SNC-HM662 operation video DESCRIPTION Easy, intuitive of every area The unique panamorphic lens of the SNC-HM662 hemispheric view camera captures 360-degree video images for a complete overview of the scene with no blind spots. Patented technology by ImmerVision boosts vital detail right to the edge of the picture that’s often sacrificed by ordinary fish-eye lens optics. Client software cleverly ‘de-warps’ pictures captured by the ultra-wide angle lens, correcting geometrical distortion of the 360-degree image to let you see easily what’s happening right across the scene. Uses Any site that requires superior quality viewing and recording of CCTV footage on a NVR. It can be linked to a LAN/WAN network and viewed remotely and is ideal for 360 degrees viewing of any areaCAMERA FEATURES Image Sensor 1/2.5-type progressive scan CMOS sensor Number ...

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