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A Time and Attendance system (T&A) is an essential part of everyday business.

Compatible Time & Attendance Software

Time and Attendance offers businesses an easy to use time and attendance software package designed to save you time and money. By removing the manual process involved in completing staff time sheets and employee payrolls, Time and Attendance creates a streamlined and simplified online solution to your time sheet needs.

Find the most comprehensive and streamlined modern time clock to remove the hassle involved with staff time and attendance. The time clocks and associated software available from Time and Attendance is the executive solution to all of your time attendance concerns.

At Time and Attendance we strive to save you time and resources currently exhausted on traditional time & attendance measures. By switching from your current employee time sheet attendance system, you will experience the ultimate in time and attendance functionality.

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A new era of innovation in workforce management is upon us — and Instruman is leading the way. Don’t get left behind.

Boom Gates

Boom gates are still the simplest and the most economical solution for regulating vehicular traffic both in and out of access control areas.

We can integrate to all boom gate solutions with or without RMS and ROS booking system using either Keypad and Proximity Reader or combinations of both keypad and proximity readers.

We can also offer durable proximity fobs or cards to suite many access systems.


Instruman products are designed for daily use in extremely harsh conditions including dust, dirt, corrosion and heat. Unlike our opposition, we do not offer maintenance contracts as our products do not need any routine maintenance whatsoever…EVER!

A new era of innovation in workforce management is upon us — and Instruman is leading the way. Don’t get left behind.

Closed Circuit Television

Closed Circuit Television, also known as CCTV, monitoring provides a cost effective video monitoring solution for any business or premises. Cameras can be located in either high profile locations or used discretely to deliver a 24/7 visual presence. This pro-active visual awareness provides essential security monitoring, detection and recording. These Systems can also provide remote voice and audible commands .Businesses can manage the operation of the CCTV system internally or outsource the solution to Integral Security Management for peace of mind.


  • Remote Video Patrols provide 24/7 monitoring and early detection.
  • Perimeter sensors provide early warning and detection.
  • Video verification provides situational awareness.
  • Immediate playback, recording and archiving
  • Integrated Video and Alarm technologies provide real-time early warning and situational awareness capability.
  • Emergency and accident reporting capabilities
  • Reduce false alarms and callout situations

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