Desktop Finger Print Reader


The IDT 610 is the neatest desktop digital fingerprint attendance machine.

This unit is ideal for Professionals (Accounting, Law, Doctors offices etc) as well as small businesses especially retail stores such as jewelry shops, ice cream parlours, book stores and many more as it is a neat, portable and compact unit which does not require AC power to operate.  The unit can be left on charge via the USB cable supplied, The unit is great in that fingerprints are read in any direction which makes it so suitable for office reception desks.

Guaranteed to register 99.8% of users! the other .2 of a guy can use a PIN code


  • Interfaces with Touch Time but can also integrate into TurboTime
  • Audio and visual acknowledgment
  • Has a beeper acknowledging the presence of a finger.
  • LED lights to show accepted or rejected
  • Direct voice feedback of clocking – “Please try again” or “Thank you” – eliminates excuses
  • Has a pin option.
  • Aesthetic design ideal for desk top operation in reception .
  • USB-Client communication program,
  • Standard 4000 mAh lithium-ion backup battery lasts for up to 4 hours.
  • No power cables are required as the battery charges via the USB cable when connected to a PC
  • Has a charger
  • Optional charge from a battery bank.
  • Includes multilingual installation manual.


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