Siren 3000M Outdoor


All-weather enclosed motor is ideally suited for outdoor use. This design enables the siren to produce a sound output of 125dB(A) at 1m which will give it an effective range of 3 000m in still air an open field. This siren would be used for audible warning at mines, industries and refineries, oil rigs, in the event of fires and open-cast mining operations and blasting sirens. This precision machined unit produces a powerful low dual frequency sound that is ideal for long distance signalling. The Siren can be connected to a RF Transmitter and receiver. This will allow the siren to be activated via remote..


VOLTAGE 220V AC 380V AC(3 phase) 525V AC(3 phase)
DUTY CYCLE Continuous
SOUND OUTPUT 125dB(A) at 1m
APP. RANGE 3 000m in still air on open field
MOTOR 1.1 KW motor – 2875 rpm
IP RATING IP 55 (IP 65 or IP 56 Available on request)
WEIGHT 22 kg

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