Turbo Time Training

Basic TurboTime Training


Advanced training:

Learn how to save your company money and become more effective by improving the use of Turbo Time and do things quicker and more effectively.

This 1 day course will teach you how to systematically set-up and  implement an effective and successful work schedule  that not only meets regulatory compliance, but becomes part of a company’s everyday operations and much much more.

What You Will Learn:

  1. Shortcuts to save time and do big tasks quickly.
  2. What, where and how to use Rounding
  3. Shift Set-up – where you can set-up your shifts to calculate the hours exactly the way you want them too
  4. Working Weeks
  1. When it’s advantageous to use flexi time
  2. Working weeks vs scheduling
  3. Auto detect – pros’ and cons
  1. Schedules i.e. Day, afternoon and night shift.
  2. How to set-up user rights for assistants when you’re not available.
  3. What Multi-user software is capable of and when to upgrade.
  4. Reports – need a report – we will show you more reports not commonly used yet saves the company time and money
  5. Absenteeism – More uses and how to make it work for you
  6. Photo link – have a name/number but don’t know what they look like? we show you how to match a number to a face


For more information please read this brochure  TURBO TIME ADVANCED TRAINING Outline 2016 or contact us

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