We offer a full range of turnstiles solutions to regulate and control the flow of people into and out of buildings and or premises. The decision on which type of  turnstile to buy depends on the the level of security and freedom of movement required, industry and appearance.

Where there is a large flow of people, indoor tripod turnstiles or entrance gates provide discreet security which allows authorised individuals to pass through quickly and unhindered. Entry can be granted swiftly using a variety of control mechanisms including push buttons, tickets, tokens, bio-metrics or cards. 

For higher levels of security, Full-Height Turnstiles and Security Revolving Doors are more appropriate. Our range of full-height entrances provide you with the means to keep unauthorised individuals out when controlled. 



Access Control, Turnstiles
Turnstile double full height+

Turnstile double full height

Access Control, Turnstiles
Turnstile Half height+

Turnstile Half height

Access Control, Turnstiles

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