i-HyGienie cleansing timer


What it does

The •    i-HyGienie is an all in one timer suitable for reminding staff to wash up and clean up at your predetermined times during business hours.

How it works

The unit has 2 lights, one Green and the other Red which flashes on with an audible buzzer at preset times to remind staff to either wash hands or clean work surfaces.


  •  It has a built- in memory reserve battery of up to 4 years which allows the unit to retain the programs even though the power has been off.
  • The •    i-HyGienie also has password protection to prevent the unit being tampered with.
  • With 40 programs available from 1 Second to 23h59m the unit is versatile and satisfies most customer needs.
  • Its convenience and adaptability allow it to be well deployed in any health environment where cleanliness needs to be constantly monitored
  • Daily, weekly or second programming.
  • Manual activation or deactivation, temporary or permanent via App.
  • Keyboard blocking using password which prevents tampering by staff.
  • The unit has the option of an easy to use Bluetooth unit which works through a smart phone App to change times.


Power Reserve 4 Years     – Replaceable Li/MnO@ battery (CR2032 3V 220mAh)
Number of Programs       –  40
Communication                 –  Bluetooth (optional)
Standard Switching Functions
– Fixed Time (On/Off)
– Manual
– Permanent
– Pulses ( 1- 59 S)
– Cycles (1 S – 59 S Y/O 1 Min – 23 H 59 Min)
– Display TFT LCD Colour Screen
Power Supply                      – 220 VAC
Power Consumption          – 1.3W
Operating Humidity          – 20% ~ 80%
Dimension                           – (L×H×D) 240x190x90mm
Software                               – Free App (only with Bluetooth option)


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