i San-e-tiser


What it does

The San-e-tise is an all in one timer suitable for reminding staff to sanitise hands or equipment at your set times.

How it works

The unit has a red or orange light which flashes on with an audible buzzer to remind staff to do a task such as to wash hands, equipment or  work surfaces. The 2 different light colour options could be used to denote different tasks. the washing/cleaning of hands, equipment or surfaces.

With 2 different models the timing options are very flexible.  Install multiple units in different departments/floors and synchronise to ring at the same or different times.  The unit comes with an easy to use App which works on any WiFi network.

Features & Benefits

·                     Program via WiFi Free App
·                     8 Programmable times Selectable by day (i.e. Every day,  weekdays or one day)  and

Time which can be set to trigger for between 1 and 10 seconds

Or Trigger every X minutes for between 1 and 10 seconds. i.e. every 60 minutes ring for 5 seconds.

·                     Multiple Units Connect multiple units on the same network
·                     Visual Indication Bright LED light in Red or Amber
·                     Audible Indication 70 Db
·                     Power 220 VAC
·                     WiFi Programming Turn on/off multiple devices with one tap
·                     Manual activation Push the button in your App and the unit will sound an alarm.
·                     Multiple units Connect multiple units in different buildings/floors/rooms and synchronise all. Must be connected on an internet connection.
·                     Compatibility Works with Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap, Android

Google Home, Google Nest, Apple


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