i-Pay Payroll Software

The definition of payroll in the Oxford dictionary is short and sweet;

  • A list of a company’s employees and the amount of money they are to be paid.

Want to make your payroll short and sweet? use our Payroll Software package which processes your payroll  with the latest SARS directives and does all the calculations correctly and to the cent, accommodating increases, bonuses, loans etc…

Make  your life easier……

How does i-Pay take the pain out of salaries & wages?

By looking after;

  • The employer
  • The employee
  • The legalities
    • SARS
    • D.o.L.
    • BCEA
    • LRA
    • Bargaining Councils

making sure everyone gets paid what’s due and keeping the employer compliant.


By implementing a specialised software package you –

  1. Save time
    1. Calculates salaries automatically
    2. EMP201 and UI19 calculations are quick and displayed in the same format as on e-filing
    3. Employees pay is correct – no queues
  2. Save Money
    1. No overpayments
    2. Reminders on submissions – no penalties
    3. Time = money (refer above)
  3. Stay compliant
    1. SARS reports done correctly
    2. Payslips conform to requirements
    3. Pays & reports to Bargaining council correctly

i-Pay Payroll Program

The i-Pay Payroll program is a 32 bit windows application that is customised to suit your requirements. The user friendly interface allow speedy implementation and training, System features include but is not limited to;

  • Easily print payslips and reports for any period for any person
  • Full Compliance with the Sectoral Determination and bargaining council requirements
  • Easily Manage Leave records for Annual Leave, Sick Leave and Compassionate Leave
  • Easily keep record of all disciplinary records taken
  • Extensive Expression builder; Express any Earning, deduction as a formula
  • Easy year-end processing with Electronic IRP5  integration to SARS e@syFile Software
  • UIF Report : Electronically email or print the UI-19 Report to register employees for UIF

Sample reports

Here are some reports of the many more we have. Most of our reports mimic the ones required by organisations and include reports for the various bargaining councils as well.

Emp201 Submission

UI19 Report

12 Month Report

Tax Calculation Report

Payroll Summary Report

Company Totals Report

Balancing Report

Cost of Company

Of course we do a payslip – we need you to contact us for more information  and to brag about all our bells and whistles

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