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Time & Attendance, T&A, TNA and many more names all refers to calculating the time spent at work.

A Brief History

T&A was traced back to the Egyptians and by using different colour string for each village/area and the supervisor tying a know in the string for every villager (employee) helping to build the pyramids etc.. this way they new which village met the quotas for sending labour to building sites

Attendance then evolved to writing/signing in books – companies using this method have the best staff as employees never arrive late or leave early.

This then had some clever engineers design and build “Time Recorders” which are often called clock machines  coining the phrase “clocking in” and out with clock cards in machines stamping the date and time on a card, these were also called punch cards as the clock punched a hole in the card or took a chunk out for aligning purposes.

These days we are in the computer age where software calculates the time spent at work and based on rules calculates overtime and other times for salary and wage purposes. These include the number of shifts worked and so calculates leave due etc.. all based on rules set-up in the installation phase.

“Clocking In” has become more sophisticated over the years with the clocks being replaced with readers using different types of cards from I-button, Prox Bar code, Magnetic  etc to bio metrics which refers to the human body and these readers include, Fingerprint, Vein, Pal, Hand, Iris and Facial readers.

The latest releases are Apps which use smart phones to record Geo locations and Facial recognition or bar-codes to clock in and send the information to the cloud, and then calculate hours spent on site.

Amano BX1500 Time Recorder - Black Print and Manual Column Shift.


This fully electronic clock card time recorder with lockable lid is easy to use and program and is recommended for  businesses with less than 20 employees.




Clock Cards

Card Racks


  • Fully electronic time recorder with large, clear analogue indication
  • Ergonomically shaped slot for timecards with anti-dust lid
  • Silent time adjustment
  • Quartz clock with an accuracy of ± 3 sec/week
  • Soundless matrix printer
  • Automatic time card feeding capability
  • Maintains program data during power failure
  • Calendar with automatic date adjustment
  • Automatic adjustment for daylight saving time
  • Programmable day switch
  • 6 lighted keys for IN/OUT pre-selection
  • Can print up to 6 columns
  • Printing selection: AM/PM or  0-23 hour, regular minute, 1/100,        1/10 or 1/20 hour
  • Timecard width size 86mm
  • Detection for both sides of the card
  • Preprogrammed basic functions
  • Delivery including black ribbon

Wall mounting or table top


BX1500 I Brochure

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