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TurboTime Clocking Software

Time and Attendance Software

Complies with all Dept. of Labour requirements (BCEA) & more…..

T&A or as some people refer to it TNA software has been around for some time now and we have looked (and continue to look) at different suppliers and we have decided to us Turbo Time software which has been developed over the past 20 odd years and we continually do R&D into other products and still prefer using Turbo Time as it is reliable and we have yet to coma across a scenario which we cannot solve.

The software gets raw data from various types of terminals such as Card, Fingerprint, Facial etc. and processes it so that all clocked times are calculated correctly and staff are paid according to the terms of their contract without bias or calculation errors.

The software imports date from Fingerprint timeclocks as well as other readers

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