Locker Lock

DESCRIPTION The Salto XS4-Locker is perfect for controlling access to lockers, cupboards, cabinets, cabins, boxes, show cases, where access control and full audit trailing are required, eg where valuables such as medical drugs, electronic equipment, museum pieces, confidential documentation, are stored. It is also ideal for use on distribution panels or servitude’s where control to the panels is restricted.   Our latest use is on Crane Pendulum Control where the pendulums are locked in a specially manufactured panel and only authorised personnel have access to them. This ensures that only properly trained employees are allowed to use the cranes.


  • Maximum number of users per door: 64,000
  • Maximum number of doors per system: 64,000
  • Maximum events on lock audit: 1,000
  • Managed through SALTO software Pro Access 
  • Time-zones: 256
  • Time-periods: 30
  • Calendars in system: 256
  • Zones in system: 1,024
  • User groups: unlimited

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