Siren Flameproof


 These Motorised flame proof sirens are suitable for use in fiery mines as well as petrochemical plants and areas where an explosion-protected device is required. Please ensure that the unit is equipped with the correct flameproof cable gland.

The unit consists of a 304 type stainless steel housing with a M20 cable entry, a stainless steel nose cone and a unique screw on lid for cable connection.


Voltage 110 Vac
Duty Cycle        Continuous (thermal cut out protection)
Sound Output 121dB(A) at 1m
Sound Frequency         370/660 Hz
APP. Range 2000m in still air on open field
Current Consumption* 4A
Classification/certification     Exd I/IIC 150° / MS – XPL/06849
Gas Group I, IIA, IIB, IIC
Ignition Group Ignition Group T6 – 85°C
Weight                          16 Kg
Packing Dimensions       200x250x200

For more information on flame proofing/Explosion proofing,  classifications, certifications, groups etc.

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