Samsung SHR-7160


The SHR-7160/2 Series DVR is a standalone system that can record up to
120(NTFS)/100 (PAL) images per second for 16 channels using MPEG4
compression. It is able to simultaneously record-to and play-from a hard
drive in real time by compressing the audio of 16 channels with ADPCM
(Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation). Using dual codecs, the
SHR-5000 Series DVR can smoothly record and transmit through a
network, allowing continuous remote monitoring even in a poor network


Any site that requires superior quality viewing and recording of CCTV footage on an imbedded DVR. It can be linked to a LAN/WAN network and viewed remotely


• Standard MPEG-4 compression
• Rec. Real-time on 16 cameras: 480ips (NTSC)/400ips(PAL)
• Built in Internal DVD R/W
• Simultaneous recording & transmission : dual codec function
• Net-i connected
• Support POS(I/F VSI – pro)(option)
• Web based monitoring & search
• Simultaneous BNC output & VGA / BNC output & HDMI
• Stable system operation : remote diagnosis function


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