Softcon’s CR390


The CR390 is an intelligent multi-function 2 reader controller, capable of communicating with the Server Software via TCP/IP(CAT5e, wireless, fiber, GSM modem), RS485, RS232, and Modem. It is capable of running as a communication interface, allowing other controllers to run on a RS485 bus underneath it. It has various additional features such as locally managed lift control using output groups. The CR390 controller is capable of interfacing to biometric, proximity, magnetic stripe, infra-red, bar code and many other access control and time and attendance readers


  • Microprocessor based.
  • Stand-alone or system integrated.
  • Comms options: TCP/IP (10M), USB, serial (RS232/RS485/modem/cell-modem).
  • Can serve as LAN controller (MUX), with SW keys (dongle).
  • Functions as Access, Card reader, Vending, IIO, Cash loader and/or LAN (comms) controller.
  • 2 Card readers – Data/clock, Wiegand, Touch or serial (RS232 or RS485). Readers connect directly or via front-end modules (CR375).
  • 2 Pin pads and LCDs – and programmer (via CR375). Optional on-board LCD I Pin pad.
  • 1 or 2 Door configuration (with door sensing).
  • BoothIMantrap (presence, door, lock monitor).
  • Adjustable latch and door open detection timeouts.
  • 12 configurable outputs – 4 relay, 8 open collector outputs. The 6 reader LED lines can be configured as open collector outputs.
  • 16 supervised inputs (short I open circuit, closed, open), configured functions. Optional extension to 24. Optional tranzorb protection.
  • Interface to external IIO devices via a one-wire bus (5VI data and ground).
  • 256k bytes for cards data, resulting in 196k card numbers (running numbers with facility code) or 65k (10 digits), 32k (16 digit), 32k PIN codes (1 to 6 Digits).
  • Batch loading of void and valid cards.
  • Cards Anti-Pass back (APB) I Pass back I Anti-time back.
  • APB reset via key or push-button.
  • Vehicle detect provides reader enable and vehicle APB.
  • Egress override facility.
  • Card capture.
  • Multiple illegal entry attempts disable reader.
  • Time accumulation logging (day/week/month).
  • 30 holidays. Time groups with weekday, holiday enable.
  • Real time calendar clock.
  • Transactions are time and date stamped
  • Optional integrated 7AHr-battery backup, mains monitor.
  • Battery backed memory.
  • Buffer of 1700 to 7700 transactions off-line (depends on card dB set.
  • 60 time groups, each 15 with 8 time zones.
  • Set for Access, Input, Latching continuously energized, Readers enable, Keypads enable.
  • Limit on number of cards per group present.
  • Integrated random search.
  • Software watchdog and power dip reset.
  • Four diagnostic LEDs display.
  • Fiber optic or modem available as an option.
  • AC or DC power source.
  • Optional Audible alarm.
  • Direct interface to 4 x Asset receivers.
  • Direct interface to finger print module.
  • On-board component provides a unique ID.


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