Dallas i-button Reader

TT545 Dallas reader for Time and Attendance

Dallas reader for OEM applications

Dallas Tags with key ring fob


The TT545 Card reader combines multiple configuration options with an attractive design and great price. The unit uses Dallas(I-button) tags, proximity cards, pins or a combination to clock in. The TT545 comes standard with prox cards and we add I-button/Dallas tag reader to the unit which makes it ideal for Petrol stations already using Dallas tags. Dallas tags are some times reffered to mag or magnetic buttons


This unit works with our TurboTime time & attendance software and can be used as an access control reader either as a stand alone unit or on a network with other units linked to an access control system


  • Features a beeper and multi-colour LED.
  • LCD Screen
  • USB RS232 Communication
  • RFID card standard
  • Audio Prompt feedback
  • Includes installation manual.
  • Full Door lock system
  • Wiegand out
  • LED Indicator for Accepted or Denied


  • Card capacity = 30 000 cards
  • Transactions capacity = 50,000
  • 12 VDC power
  • Operating temperature  0-45 Deg C
  • Dimensions H129.5 X W95 X D48.5 mm
  • Tamper switch

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