Clock Cards


Clock cards come in different prints, sizes, card colours, print colour etc… and are printed on a special board which prevents smudging. The accuracy of the print must be precise in order to prevent misaligned prints which could cause miscalculations. Our  specialist printer only prints clock cards so quality is always guaranteed.

Clock Cards come in various sizes and prints.

They are available in weekly, bi-weekly, half monthly or monthly combinations. Our most popular standard size is 86mm wide and in a weekly format.

Most clock cards have a reference number on the bottom right hand side of the clock card i.e ins/6l. The 6L defines the card and tells us it is a weekly card with 6 columns across. Some examples of other reference numbers include xx/720, xx/7200, xx/14L, xx/U6L.

We stock a full range for all types of machines,  and come in packs of 1000 as standard, with packs of 50 and 100 on the more popular cards such as our INS/6L

Clock cards
Clock Cards

Not sure of which clock cards to order?

No problem – check out our guide on How to Order clock cards

We can also print cards with your company logo and information on it.

Please contact us for a free quote and availability on clock cards as we stock a vast selection.

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