Thermal Camera’s

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Thermal security cameras see heat and make pictures from heat energy that is invisible to the naked eye.
Our eyes are detectors that are designed to detect visible light (or visible radiation).  Any object that has a temperature  emits radiation in the infrared region. The warmer the object, the more infrared radiation it emits.  This is what thermal camera’s were designed to see.


Thermal imaging cameras are an ideal and cost effective solution for perimeter protection, or other situations where seeing in low light conditions, are critical.
Today, the challenge to CCTV professionals is to make sure that video footage is effective on a 24/7 basis, 365 days a year. Securing an area during the daytime is one thing, but what happens during the night? And in weather conditions like fog, rain and snow? Thermal camera’s are ideal for these situations.

What can be detected if CCTV cameras are blinded by the sun? Whatever solution or technology is chosen for securing an area, they all have their advantages and disadvantages and some technologies are more cost effective than others. Please contact us for any advise or assistance in selecting the right product.


Thermal imaging cameras:
a cost effective solution for perimeter protection

– Can be used day and night
– Works in practically all weather conditions.
– Can see through light fog, rain, smoke, …
– No downtime, low maintenance
– Low power consumption and no need for lighting
– Extremely difficult to hide from since thermal contrast in practically impossible to mask
– No physical barrier -software does detection and triggers alarm.


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