Amano BX1500 Time Recorder – Black Print and Manual Column Shift

Amano BX1500 Time Recorder - Black Print and Manual Column Shift. Clock Cards

Amano BX1500 Time Recorder

The Amano BX1500 Time Recorder has black print only and manual across the card column shift to diffrentiate between in and out clockings. It is a fully electronic clock card time recorder with lockable lid and is easy to use and program. Recommended for  businesses with less than 20 employees. Get it with clock cards and card racks


Each card rack holds 25 cards and we recommend getting 2 and mounting one on either side of the clock, one marked “IN” and the other “OUT”.

This has 2 benefits, the first as at a glance you can see how many staff are in/out/late and the second is that it eliminates congestion and frustration as it creates a flow of staff during clocking




Clock Cards

Card Racks


  • Fully electronic time recorder with large, clear analogue indication
  • Ergonomically shaped slot for timecards with anti-dust lid
  • Silent time adjustment
  • Quartz clock with an accuracy of ± 3 sec/week
  • Soundless matrix printer
  • Automatic time card feeding capability
  • Maintains program data during power failure
  • Calendar with automatic date adjustment
  • Automatic adjustment for daylight saving time
  • Programmable day switch
  • 6 lighted keys for IN/OUT pre-selection
  • Can print up to 6 columns
  • Printing selection: AM/PM or  0-23 hour, regular minute, 1/100,        1/10 or 1/20 hour
  • Timecard width size 86mm
  • Detection for both sides of the card
  • Preprogrammed basic functions
  • Delivery including black ribbon

Wall mounting or table top


BX1500 I Brochure

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