School Period Timer Kit (ISTK)

DESCRIPTION The ISTK School period timer kit is designed to ring a bell or a siren or an electronic sounder at specific times to notify pupils of the start /end of periods and breaks.

The unit comprises of a timer, a housing, a “sounder” and comes complete with a plug to power the unit as well as 15m of twin flex to power the “sounder”. All that is needed is for the maintenance staff to mount the equipment.

On placing your order we will program the unit for you to the times provided.

The unit has 3 options,

  1. Siren (ISTKS),
  2. Bell (ISTKB) and
  3. Electronic sounder (ISTKE).

We also have an option to have the unit powered by a Gecko Solar unit. This option operates on 12Vdc and can be manufactured to your suit your needs. Plant a pole and everything is complete.

School & Factory Siren Timers

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