What makes our kit different?

We don’t supply with a roll of cable and connectors –

we supply ready made up cables to make it truly “plug and view”

and of course you don’t need anything else to make it work YOUR ADVATAGE NO HIDDEN COSTS


This compact DIY CCTV kit is especially tailored for the DIY customer and is provided with such great advantages as complete matching equipment to prevent mismatches of quality and is simple to install and operate. The DIY CCTV system has powerful functions and you can connect the equipment to a TV or another display, and see all the pictures remotely. The unit can also be viewed over a smart phone.


Any site that requires superior quality viewing and recording of CCTV footage and is ideal for small businesses cafe’s butcheries, retail outlets or can even be used by corporate companies wishing to remote view branches. The CCTV system  can be linked to a LAN/WAN network and viewed remotely. It offers great piece of mind as you can view the outside of your house/premises without risk and with the IR sensor can even see in the dark of night.


The kits come complete with:

  • Digital Video Recorder (DVR) the 4 Channel kit has a 500 Gb Drive (50 days plus recording) 
  • 15″ inch Screen – built in saves space
  • 4 Camera’s  complete with Infra-red to see 15 Meters in the dark

 – YOU CHOOSE how many – INDOOR cameras referred to as Dome (Looks stunning on a ceiling or wall) or OUTDOOR cameras known as BULLETS 

  • Power supply for 4/8 Camera’s
  • Ready made C0-Ax cables – 15 and 30 meters long (No crimping required)
  • Power cables – power and co-ax joined as 1 cable (Power-ax Cable)
  • Software to connect a PC to a Unit (View on local network)
  • Output to connect to a TV (1,2,3 just T off from DVR output)



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