Fingerprint placement tips

Download and print our handy finger placement chart laminate and put it on the wall next to your bio metric fingerprint reader

Fingerprint readers have come a long way since they were first launched and are a lot more reliable and efficient however there are still some precautions to take in order to eliminate frustrations.

You must start with an excellent template to compare to so when capturing the finger print template for the first time make sure the users fingers are clean and warm. Show them the chart on the correct placement on the capture unit, and capture a minimum of 2 different fingers if your system allows that (Index works well) but inspect the fingers if they don’t capture with a high score and find the best ones. (you don’t have to be a forensic specialist but we find that good eyesight and common sense works well 😉

To limit no or false reading try the following:

  1. Get your staff to rub their clocking finger vigorously on a shirt or pants creating friction which will warm the finger and make detection of the fingerprints a lot easier. This is good practise throughout the year.
  2. Rub your finger along the ridge of your nose – (helps with lubrication) Ladies with make-up can rub their collarbone
  3. Once warm place most of the finger tip over the lens

Why don’t your/my fingers work in cold weather?

Winter brings challenges with users on fingerprint readers.
The cold makes fingers hard and they tend to crack.

When fingers are hard they don’t flatten out on the fingerprint reading lens causing false or rejected reads. If your finger is hard, don’t push down harder – warm your finger. To help, wear gloves, keep your hands in your pocket to keep them warm and when about to clock follow the guidelines as listed above.

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