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We have found Softcon to be the best solution for us over the years as it has so many features that we have  always been able to offer a full solution to our clients using Softcon from a basic system to the most complex.

Softwin_3 Access Control Software packages have been designed to cater for a wide variety of access control requirements ranging from a single door installation to enterprise systems comprising of hundreds of doors.

Softcon data is stored on the controllers/software and not on the card


There are way to many features to do it justice in this section – please go to the brochures for more detailed information.

Base software

  • User friendly but comprehensive card data management facilities
  • Multiple-site management with full site replication using distributed server technology
  • Graphic user interface in a form of client-customizable drawings depicting specific real site environment
  • Ease of integration to external third party products like T&A systems, CCTV, LPR etc
  • Flexible and customizable reporting facility using Crystal Reporting tools
  • Simplified database management using MS-Access for small to medium installations, and more advanced database management facilities using SQL for larger enterprise solutions
  • Enhanced system set-up editors which allow a wide variety of site requirements
  • Integrated biometric template management for Morpho (Sagem) and Handkey II biometric technologies.
  • Fully scalable from small stand-alone system to a large enterprise solution
  • Ability to design and produce full colour ID labels with photographs using the Cardmaker function.

Point of Sale

  • Design of canteen menu items and prices
  • Includes cash-on and cash-up functions and pre-loaded cash option using the Softcon cash-loader unit
  • Can accommodate pre-loaded credit, meal tokens, free meals or even cash purchases if required.
  • Utilizes pre-existing Softwin_3 card database where installed as a client service to an existing Softwin_3 access control system, eliminating the need for re-capturing of data for the canteen management system
  • Provides detailed reports with audit trial for canteen management purposes


  • Softcon’s SCS-Vending module offers a cashless vending management solution for vending machines and use cards or Biometric tecnology  instead of physical cash to buy vended products.
  • Credits can be pre-loaded or bought
  • The hardware and software accommodates most commonly used protocols used by vending machines world-wide, and includes among others snack machines, coffee machines, soda fountains and cold drink vending machines from different manufacturers. 
  • This software module can be added as a client service to an existing Softwin_3 access control installation or can be provided as a system on its own.

Parking Point of Sale

  • Design of parking fares based on time spent on parking site
  • Facility for lost card or free parking control
  • Can be combined with access control for resident parkers
  • Provides detailed reports with audit trial for parking management purposes
  • Includes cash-on and cash-up functions


For more information please contact us to set up an appointment to discuss and design your solution

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