Gate Motor for 500 Kg gates

The unit is available –

  • As a complete kit which  includes –
    • Motor
    • Rack
    • Lock Bracket
    • 2 remotes
    • 7Ah backup battery designed for gate motors
    • Manuals and instructions
  • Gate motor
  • Individual spares

For more information contact us or download the brochure


Why choose the ET500?

  • It is easy to program
  • It is not a dry gearbox  allowing for a 100% duty cycle.
  • Anti-theft bracket is standard
  • The rail and gear are of dissimilar material (steel&Plastic) which increase their lifespan

The ET 500 is designed to automate residential and small industry sliding gates up to 500 Kg’s in weight. We can open and close gates in various configurations including remotes, Keypads, Card readers, loops, sensors …….

We also do gate motor repairs, installations and sales.


  • Designed to automate residential sliding gates up to 500Kg’s in weight
  • Battery operated motor that can operate in the event of a power failure
  • Soft start & soft stop (for smoother operation)
  • On-board dual channel receiver for 25 full and 6 pedestrian opening operation via remote controls
  • Adjustable pedestrian opening and auto close time (for added security)
  • Adjustable Anti-crush setting (for added safety)
  • Selectable Auto close
  • Selectable Auto close time
  • Auto close can be disabled via remote control
  • On-board warning buzzer (indicates motor is operating on battery power only)
  • Motor can be electronically locked via remote control (for added security)
  • Built in buzzer (indicates battery charging power is switched off)
  • Courtesy Pillar light activation and connection available (for added security at night)
  • Theft deterrent bracket included

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