Cyber Dome

The CyberDome is the first PTZ surveillance dome system to offer integrated unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) video transmission. With UTP transmission, you cn send video longer distances at less cost. A chip embedded in the CyberDome lets you use a UTP line to send images directly from the camera to a recording device or monitor. When paired with a Kalatel KTS-271 receiver, a UTP CyberDome can transmit video up to 1,000 meter over standard UTP phone wiring. This model features a high-resolution camera that can switch automatically between colour and monochrome modes. During the day, it’s a colour camera with 3-lux sensitivity. At night, it’s a 0.2-lux monochrome camera. This feature allows you to use one CyberDome for both day and night surveillance and build your system with fewer domes and less cost. The Day-Nite incorporates an electronic control that reduces the shutter speed to take in 15 times more light and obtain usable images in extreme low-light conditions.

  • 18X optical zoom/2X-4X digital zoom
  • Backlight compensation
  • 470 TV lines of resolution
  • 64 programmable presets
  • Programmable electronic shutter control
  • Auto/manual focus
  • Integrated color & monochrome camera
  • 3 lux color sensitivity
  • UTP video transmission option
  • Preset and area titling
  • 0.2 lux monochrome sensitivity
  • 360° continuous pan
  • 16 preset and area titles
  • Auto return function
  • Four camera tours including ShadowTour
  • Automatic switching between color and monochrome modes

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